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Governing Uncertainty

Environmental Regulation in the Age of Nanotechnology,
Edited by Chistopher J. Bosso

"Nanotechnology promises to transform the materials of everyday life, leading to smaller and more powerful computers, more durable plastics and fabrics, cheap and effective water purification systems, more efficient solar panels and storage batteries, and medical devices capable of tracking down and killing cancer cells or treating neurological diseases. Policy analysts predict a radical change in the industrial sector; at present, the U.S. government spends nearly $2 billion annually on nanotechnology research and development. Yet the nanotechnology revolution is not straightforward." More >>


Book chapters include:
Foreword by J. Clarence Davies
1. Policy Consequences of the 'Next Industrial Revolution' Christopher Bosso
2. A World of its Own? Nanotechnology's Promise -- and its Challenges Sean T. O'Donnell and Jacqueline A. Isaacs 3. Institutional Evolution or Intelligent Design? Constructing a Regulatory Regime for Nanotechnology Marc Allen Eisner
4. Engaging Business in the Regulation of Nanotechnology Cary Coglianese
5. EPA and Nanotechnology: The Need for a Grand Bargain? Marc Landy
6. Nanotechnology and the Evolving Role of State Governance Barry G. Rabe
7. Nanotechnology and 21st Century Governance Christopher Bosso and W. D. Kay
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