November 2008 (Silverfrost FTN95) New York, all years, fixed itemized deduction phaseout. Wisconsin, all years, low-income allowance for standard deduction and also additional dependent exemption. December, 2007 (Inna Shapiro) New AMT exclusion per Temporary Tax Reduction Act of 2007 September 24th, 2007 (Jesse Rothstein) Correct EIC for 1975 - 1986 for the case where AGI is in phaseout range, but earned income is not. Also correct subsidy rate for 1985, maximums for 1975-1985. March 5, 2007 (Inna) Adjustment in tax bracket rates but for several years starting with 1993 in Nebraska. Feb 27, 2007 (Inna) correct rounding in CT for exemption formula (all years) update fica maximum taxable earnings to 2007, use forecast of inflation rate for subsequent years. February 6, 2007 (Inna) Change education credit phaseout from 53,000/107,000 to 55,000/110,000 for 2006. Also hope credit maximum increased to 1,100 from 1,000, same year. January 30, 2007 (Inna) Fix child tax credit for 2006 and 2007 from $700 to $1,000 per child. January 23, 2007 Fix 2006 - 2009 minimum personal exemption after phaseout for high AGI. January 11, 2007 (7.2) (John Gruber) Fix AMT exemption for 2006 only to reflect temporary TIPRA cut. August 15, 2006 (Slipstream) (Thanks to Philip Pantoja) Fix Mass marginal rate for the case of primary earners with zero earnings and secondary earners with positive earnings. June 21, 2006 (slipstream) (Thanks to Jeff Thompson) Fix Maine rate schedule for 2005. Also Kansas inflation adjustment for 2005. May 3rd, 2006 (Thanks to David Rosnick) Additional Child Tax Credit 15% rate on excess earned income starts in 2004. May 1st, 2006 (slipstream) (Thanks to Karen Conway) Fix SC 1985 1986 first tax bracket. April 25, 2006 (slipstream) (Thanks to David Rosnick) Fix MN, NC and OR child care deductions. Fix disqualifying non-wage income constant pre 1998. April 24, 2006 Fix capital gains special rate for 1998-2001. This was a slipstram bug introduced several weeks ago. January 3,2006 (slipstream upgrade to 6.4) (Thanks to Kevin J. Mumford) Add special treatment for dependents with earned income. December 22, 2005 (makes 6.4) (Thanks to Paul A Coomes) Change definition of AGI for New Jersey. December 6, 2005 (makes 6.3) (Thanks to Adam Looney & Thomas Selden) Add "other property income" to the list of income items that can disqualify one for the EIC. Remove inadvertant double to integer conversion that was causing errors in some AMT calculations. December 2, 2005 (makes 6.2) (thanks to Stacy Dickert-Conlin) Earned income credit not initialized to zero for some states with no EIC. November 20, 2005 (thanks to adam.looney at frb dot gov) Fix EITC for taxpayers with dividend income.