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Agenda: 2005 Jan 14 - 15

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(revised Agenda - January 25)





The Science and Engineering Workforce Project

of the National Bureau of Economic Research


Sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

January 14-15, 2005

Richard B. Freeman and Daniel L. Goroff: Organizers 


The National Bureau of Economic Research

1050 Massachusetts Avenue, 3rd floor, Cambridge, MA


Purpose:   Women and underrepresented minorities have increased their share of S&E degrees in the past two decades.  What forces have facilitated/impeded this process?  How has the labor market adjusted?  What challenges do women and underrepresented groups face in the S&E job market and how can these be alleviated?  What programs and policies can further the process of diversifying the science workforce?


FRIDAY, JANUARY 14 (Shuttle buses depart Sonesta Hotel, 5 Cambridge Pkway at 8:00am & 8:20am)

Breakfast:  8:15am (NBER, 1050 Mass. Ave, go to 3rd floor receptionist, then proceed to 2nd fl conf.room)


Opening Statement






Richard B. Freeman, Greetings




Panel 1: Introduction: The Current Situation






Richard B. Freeman, Tanwin Chang, Hanley Chiang; Harvard University and NBER

“Recent Progress in S&E Developments”




Presentation [ppt]









Mary Frase, NSF

“Highlights of the NSF Women and Minorities Report”




Presentation [ppt]









Denice D. Denton, University of Washington

“ Diversifying Science and Engineering”












Break:  10:30am




Panel 2: Research University Experiences


Chair and first discussant: Daniel L. Goroff, Harvard University and SEWP






Barbara J. Grosz, Harvard

“Women in Science and Engineering at Harvard”



Bio [pdf]

Presentation [pdf]










Nancy Hopkins, MIT

“Women in Science and Engineering at MIT”



Bio [doc]


Rec.Reading 1 [pdf]

 Rec.Reading 2

 Rec.Reading 3






Linda Hamilton Krieger, UC Berkeley

“Women in Science: Equal Employment and Educational Opportunity Law”



Bio [doc]

Presentation [ppt]

Rec.Reading 1 [pdf]









Linda Hamilton Krieger, UC Berkeley

“Implicit Bias & the Female/Science Disassociation”



Bio [doc]


Rec.Read1 [pdf]

Rec.Read2 [pdf]

Rec.Read3 [doc]

Rec.Read4 [pdf]

Rec.Read5 [pdf]






Lunch:  12:30 pm



Lawrence Summers, President, Harvard University

“Faculty Diversity: Research Agenda” Transcript






Shirley Malcom, American Association for the Advancement of Science

"Standing Our Ground in the Post-Michigan Era”



Bio [pdf]


Rec.Reading 1







Panel 3:  Psychological and Sociological Aspects of Occupation Choice


Chair and first discussant: Paula Stephan, Georgia State University and SEWP






Catherine D. Good, Columbia University

“Closing Achievement Gaps”




Presentation [ppt]

Rec.Reading 1 [pdf]

Rec.Reading 2 [pdf]

Rec.Reading 3 [pdf]






Daniel B. Berch, National Institutes of Health

“Quantitative and Scientific Reasoning: Perspectives from Cognitive Science”














Yu Xie, University of Michigan and Kimberlee Shauman, Univ of California, Davis

“Sociological Aspects of S&E Career Participation”



Bio (Xie)


Presentation [ppt]


Rec.Reading 1






Bio [pdf] (Shauman)





Break:  3:30




Panel 4:  Learning from Successful Programs




Chair and first discussant:  Geoff Davis, Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society






Sue Rosser, Georgia Institute of Technology

“POWRE and ADVANCE Programs for Women”



Bio [doc]

Presentation [ppt]

Rec.Reading 1 [pdf]

Rec.Reading2 [pdf]

Rec.Reading 3 [doc] 






David Manderscheid, University of Iowa

“Minorities in the Iowa Mathematics PhD Program”



Bio [pdf]

Presentation [ppt]









Sheila Tobias, Sloan Foundation, Science Masters Initiative

“The Newest Master's: Professional Studies in the Sciences and Mathematics”



Bio [doc]



Rec.Reading 2 [doc]

Rec.Reading3 [xls]






Wanda E. Ward, NSF

“Optimizing America's Scientific Talent: Opening Doors to Success and Broadening Participation in Science and Engineering Careers”












Break:  5:30pm

Informal Reception: 6:00pm - The Harvard Faculty Club, 20 Quincy Street, Cambridge

Dinner:  6:30pm  (after dinner, shuttle buses will return to Sonesta Hotel at 8:45pm and ~9:10pm)





Chairperson: Nila Bhakuni, Harvard University






Jaline Gerardin, Harvard University and Saundra Quinlan, MIT and National Society of Black Engineers

“ Science and Diversity: Student Views”






Anne C. Petersen, WK Kellogg Foundation

“Hybrid Vigor:  Strengthening the Science and Engineering Workforces with Women and Underrepresented Minorities”



Bio [doc]

Presentation [ppt]








SATURDAY, January 15 (Shuttle buses depart Sonesta Hotel, 5 Cambridge Pkway at 7:45am & 8:15am)

Breakfast:  8:00am (NBER, 1050 Mass. Ave, entry instructions will be posted in the street level foyer)




Panel 5:  Academic Employment Issues


Chair and first discussant: Charles Brown, University of Michigan and NBER






Catherine Weinberger, UC Santa Barbara

“Is the Science and Engineering Workforce Drawn from the Far Upper Tail of the Math Ability Distribution?”




Presentation [pdf]

Presentation [ppt]










Donna J. Nelson, University of Oklahoma

“National Analysis of Science and Engineering Diversity at Research Universities”





Rec.Reading 1 [pdf] 








Cathy Trower, Harvard University

“Portrait of an Intractable Problem”



Bio [pdf]

Presention [ppt]

 Rec.Reading 1








Ronald Oaxaca, University of Arizona

“Faculty Salary Determination at a Research I University”



Bio [pdf]


Rec.Reading 1 [pdf]






Break:  10:15am




Panel 6:  Non-Academic Employment Issues


Chair and first discussant: Sarah Turner, University of Virginia and NBER






Kristen Roby, Microsoft

“Recruiting Scientists and Engineers”



Bio [pdf]











William Berry, U.S. Department of Defense

“National Security Needs for Scientists and Engineers”



Bio [pdf]

Presentation [ppt]










Kjersten Bunker Whittington, Stanford University

“Employment Sectors as Opportunity Structures: The Effects of Location on Male and Female Commercial Dissemination”



Bio [pdf]


Rec.Reading 1 [pdf]









Sharon Levin, U of Missouri, St. Louis, and Paula Stephan, Georgia State University

“Leaving Careers in IT: Differences in Retention by Gender and Minority”



Bio (Levin) [pdf]

Presentation [ppt]

Presentation [pdf]


Rec.Reading 1






Bio (Stephan)







Lunch: 12:15pm



David Goldston, House Committee on Science

“Congressional Viewpoints on S&E Representation”



Bio [pdf]









Adjourn:  2:00pm