Plamen V Nikolov

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  • My Lab for Development Research
  • Peer-Reviewed Publications in Economics Journals
    1. One Step at a Time: Does Gradualism Build Coordination? (with M. Ye, J. Zheng and Sam Asher). 2019. Management Science (Behavioral Economics section) 66(1):113-29. [Published Paper] [Copy][PDF of Preprint] AEA RCT Entry. Non-technical Summary

    2. Vocational training programs and youth labor market outcomes: Evidence from Nepal. (Lead & corresponding author for this study; with S. Chakravarty, M. Lundberg and J. Zenker). 2019. Journal of Development Economics 136(1):71-110. [Published Paper] [Copy] [PDF of Preprint] AEA RCT Entry Non-technical Summary

    3. Do Public Program Benefits Crowd Out Private Transfers in Developing Countries? A Critical Review of Recent Evidence. (with M. Bonci) 2020. World Development 134(October):104967. [Published Paper] [Copy] [PDF of Preprint] Non-technical Summary

    4. The Importance of Cognitive Domains and the Returns to Schooling in South Africa: Evidence from Two Labor Surveys (with N. Jimi). 2020. Labour Economics 65(May), 101849. [Published Paper] [Copy] [PDF of Preprint] Non-technical Summary

    5. What Factors Drive Individual Misperceptions of the Returns to Schooling in Tanzania? Some Lessons for Education Policy (with N. Jimi). 2018. Applied Economics 50(44):4705-4723. [Published Paper] [Copy] [PDF of Preprint] Non-technical Summary

    6. Short-Run Health Consequences of Retirement and Pension Benefits: Evidence from China (with A. Adelman). 2019. Forum for Health Economics & Policy 21(2):1-27. 20170031, eISSN 1558-9544.[Published Paper] [Copy] [PDF of Preprint] Non-technical Summary

    7. Time Delay and Investment Decisions: A Field Experiment in Tanzania (Accepted). arXiv:2006.02143v2. [PDF of Preprint] AEA RCT Entry Non-technical Summary

    8. Do Private Household Transfers to the Elderly Respond to Public Pension Benefits? Evidence from Rural China (with A. Adelman). 2019. The Journal of the Economics of Ageing 14C(Fall):100204.[Published Paper][Copy] [PDF of Preprint] Non-technical Summary

    9. Productivity Effect of Credit Access for Microenterprises in Bangladesh: Separating Technical Change from Technical Efficiency Change (with N. Jimi, S. Kumbhakar and M. Malek). 2019. JPA 52(2019):37-55. [Published Paper] [Copy] [PDF of Preprint] AEA RCT Entry. Non-technical Summary

    10. Risk Compensation and HIV Therapy: A Field Experiment in South Africa (Under review/Revisions requested) [PDF of preprint available upon request] Old Slides

  • Papers in Revise and Resubmit Status in Economics Journals
    1. Better Late than Early: Human Capital and Female Aspirations Regarding Marital Timing in Nepal. (Revise and Resubmit)

    2. The Wage Premium of Communist Party Affiliation in China (with H. Wang and K. Acker).(Accepted) [PDF of Preprint]

  • Working Papers & Ongoing Projects
    • The Role of Retirement Policies on Human Capital Depreciation in Late Adulthood (with A. Adelman) [PDF of Preprint] [Slides] [Press Release 1][Press Release 2]

    • Credit Constraints and Female Empowerement Outcomes within the Household: Field Experiment in Bangladesh (with N. Jimi and Christopher Hanes) (NSF funded; Division of Social and Economic Sciences, Economics Program; Field activities ongoing). NSF Blurb. AEA RCT Entry.

    • Human Capital and Transformative Entrepreneurship in Nepal. Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity Design. (with N.Jimi) (Under review) AEA RCT Entry.

    • Schooling and Cognitive Outcomes: Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa.(with S. Yeh) (In preparation for submission)

    • Pension Benefits and Labor Market Outcomes. (with X. Wang) (In preparation for submission)

    • Labor Supply of Prime-aged Adults in the Presence of Pensioners in Households: Evidence from A Pension Program in China. (with H. Duan) (In preparation for submission)

    • Female Economic Empowerment and Domestic Violence. (Under Review)

    • Inheritance Law Changes and Female Economic Empowerment (with S. Hossain) (NSF funded; Division of Social and Economic Sciences, Economics Program

    • The Economics Effects of Immigration in the E.U. (with L. Salarpour & M. Bonci) (In preparation for submission)

    • Why Are the Returns to Schooling in Developing Countries Higher for Women than for Men? Evidence from Tanzania (with M. Bonci and S. Polachek) (Manuscript preparation)

    • Does Scarcity Influence Productivity and Optimizing Behavior? (with P. Liang, NYU) (Lab Experimental Project, Data collection completed) AEA RCT Entry.

      Scarcity evokes a unique psychology in and of itself. Scarcity is not just about not having enough money, but it can be about not having enough time, not having enough focus or enough attention-span. Using an artefactual field experiment, I explore how exogenous changes to "available time" influence individuals' productivity and capacity to optimize.

    • Micronutrient Deficiency and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Tanzania

    • The Role of Heuristics and Perception in Influencing Individuals' Demand for Social Distancing in the Context of COVID-19 (with O. Tonguc & A. Pape, SUNY) (Field Experimental Project, Data collection ongoing) AEA RCT Entry. [PDF of Preprint]

    • The Demand for, and Impact of, Learning COVID-19 Exposure Status using Antibody Testing (Field Experimental Project, Planning stages) AEA RCT Entry.

    • Empirical Estimates of Risk Preferences and Time Preferences in Low-income Countries (Field Experimental Project, Data collection completed) AEA RCT Entry.

    Other Peer-Reviewed Publications

    • Chakravarty, S., M. Lundberg, Plamen Nikolov, and J.Zenker. The role of training programs for youth employment in Nepal. (2016). The World Bank, Policy Research Paper WPS7656. [PDF of Paper]

    • Nikolov, Plamen. "The AIDS Epidemic and Its Economic Roots." (2009). Harvard Health Policy Review 10(1): 21-25. [PDF of Paper]

    • Nikolov, Plamen. "Justice and Allocation in International Health Aid Is The Economic Justification Rational?" (2007). Johns Hopkins SAIS Perspectives 6(Spring): 17-19. [PDF of Paper]

    • Dall, Tim, Plamen Nikolov, and Paul Hogan. "Economic Costs of Diabetes in the U.S. in 2002" (2003). Diabetes care 26(3): 917-932.

    2019 State University of New York at Binghamton