Plamen V Nikolov

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Biographical Sketch

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at The State University of New York (at Binghamton).

I am also an Affiliated Professor at The Harvard University Institute for Quantitative Social Science, The University of Chicago's Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group, a Research Fellow of the Global Labor Organization, and a Research Fellow of the IZA Institute of Labor Economics.

My expertise is in the design and execution of randomized control trials (RCTs) and cohort studies in resource-limited settings and low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). I am a development economist whose research broadly focuses on human capital issues in LMICs. Using mainly experimental methods, I research in three major areas:

  • (1) causes and consequences of human capital accumulation (or depreciation) in LMICs,
  • (2) the economics of aging in LMICs, and
  • (3) fostering productivity, with emphasis on insights from behavioral economics, in LMICs.


In several ongoing (distinct) collaborations with The World Bank and BRAC, I am involved in field experimental interventions in South Asia and East Africa. I received my doctorate from Harvard University under the direction of Lawrence Katz, David Cutler, and Raj Chetty. I also hold a master's degree in International Economics and Arabic/Middle East Studies from Johns Hopkins University (SAIS). I have very extensive field experience in: Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, and South Africa.

Curriculum Vitae

[Short CV in PDF format] (Update: 06/2021)

[Long CV in PDF format]* (Update: 06/2021)

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