Worker Representation
and Participation Survey (WRPS)

Richard B. Freeman

Harvard University, National Bureau of Economic Research
and London School of Economics

Joel Rogers

University of Wisconsin-Madison and
University of Wisconsin Law School


Data for the book, What Workers Want, Cornell Press, spring 1999



WRPS - Wave 1:

The survey results are based on telephone interviews with a nationally representative sample of 2,408 adults, 18 years of age and older, who are currently working in private companies or non-profit organizations in the continental United States with 25 or more employees, excluding company owners and their families and upper management. The interviews were conducted from September 15, 1994-October 13, 1994. The survey was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates. The sample was split in two (Form A and Form B).

WRPS - Wave 2:

The Wave 2 survey consisted of re-interviews of 801 participants in Wave 1. It was supported by various written materials, sent to all of the roughtly 1400 participants in Wave 1 who there agreed to participate in Wave 2 and read those materials in advance. Telephone re-interviews were conducted between December 6, 1994 and January 24, 1995. Potential Wave 2 respondents were randomly divided into four subsets. Two of these received the material on arbitration, with one having its possible advantages listed first, the other with disadvantages listed first. Theother two received the material on workplace regularory committees, again with one getting advantages listed before disadvantages, and the other the reverse.

WRPS - Canada

In November 1995, the survey was conducted in Canada to 1104 workers. There are 79 variables and 1104 observation in this data set.


Richard B. Freeman and Joel Rogers, Worker Representation and Participation Survey - Waves 1 and 2: Data Description and Documentation. National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA (, 1998.


The WRPS data Waves 1 and 2 is available via FTP(file transfer protocol) below. The data is compressed into two self extracting STATA data sets, one for each wave.

The data for WRPS Wave 1 is in file wrps1.dta which has 223 variabls and 2408 observations.

The data for WRPS Wave 2 is in file wrps2.dta which has 341 variables and 801 observations.

The data for WRPS Canada is in file wrpscanada.dta which has 79 variables and 1104 observation.

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WRPS Documentation - Wave 1: Questionnaire and Variables:

WRPS Background Documentation - Wave 1: Structure and Methodology:

WRPS Wave 1: Stata Data Set and csv files(compressed):


WRPS Documentation - Wave 2: Questionnaire and Variables:

WRPS Background Documentation - Wave 2: Structure and Methodology:

WRPS Wave 2: Stata Data Set and csv files(compressed):

WRPS Canada:

WRPS Canada Documentation: Questionnaire and Variables:

WRPS Canada Stata Data Set (uncompressed): wrpscanada.dta

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WRPS - List of Surveys Consulted:


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