files, html files, or web links to Freeman papers:

"Competition and Careers in Biosciences" with Eric Weinstein, Elizabeth Marincola, Janet Rosenbaum and Frank Solomon

"PERI Santa Monica Living Wage Study 2000"

"White Hats or Don Quixotes? Human Rights Vigilantes in the Global Economy"

"The Role Global Labor Standards Could Play in Addressing Basic Needs"

"Open Source Unionism: Beyond Exclusive Collective Bargaining"

"War of the Models: Which Labour Market Institutions for the 21st Century - Labour Economics 5:98"

"What Role for Labor Standards in the Global Economy"

"Feminization of Work in the U SA: A New Era for (Man)kind?"

"Hard Headed Look at Labour Standards - ILO 1994"

"Does Inequality in Skills Explain Inequality of Earnings Across Countries"

NYT Op-Ed 12-22-01 "A Fairer Sort of Harvard".

NYT Op-Ed 2-1-01 "Instead of a Tax Cut, Send Out the Dividends," with Eileen Appelbaum.

NYT Op-Ed 4-16-01 "The Trouble with Airlines"

NYT Op-Ed 7-28-01 "A Financial Push for Peace in Ireland"

OBSERVER article - 3-11-01 "Trains and Brains Would Put Britain on the Right Track"

"Will Unionism Prosper in Cyberspace? The Promise of the Internet for Employee Organization" BJIR Vol 40:3, 2002 (Sept)

"Working for Nothing: The Supply of Volunteer Labor" JOLE Vol 15:1, Part 2, 1997 (January)

"Effects of Public Sector Labor Laws on Labor Market Institutions and Outcomes"- with Robert Valetta 1988.pdf


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