February 2017



                                        Curriculum Vitae


                              DANIEL RICHARD FEENBERG



 Address :           National Bureau of Economic Research ( NBER )

                           1050 Massachusetts Avenue

                           Cambridge , Massachusetts 02138



 Telephone :       Office   (617) 588-0343

                           Home    (617) 863-0343

                           Fax        (617) 868-2742


 Date of Birth:   May 1, 1950



            A.B. , 1972, Washington University , St. Louis , Missouri.

            Ph.D., 1980, Princeton University , Princeton , New Jersey.



          Title : Estimating the Demand for Environmental Quality.

          Principal Advisor : Professor Edwin S. Mills.


 Major Fields of Interest 


                Public Finance



                Princeton University Fellowship (Sep 1973 - Jun 1975).

                Sloan Foundation Fellowship      (Jun 1975 -Jun 1976).



                Research Associate , NBER , Cambridge, Massachusetts (1980 - present).

                Lecturer , Princeton University (Fall 1978-Spring 1978 ; also adjunct 1985).

                Economist, U.S. Treasury, Office of Tax Analysis (Summer/Fall 1976; also Sept. 1989-August 1990).

    Assistant in Instruction , Princeton University (1974 -75, 1975 -76).

                Consultant , Econ. Inc. , Princeton , New Jersey ( Summer 1974).




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