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Innovation Policy and the Economy


Joshua Lerner and Scott Stern: Organizers


April 20, 2010


National Press Club

529 14th Street, NW

Washington, DC




 8:30 am          Continental Breakfast


 9:00 am          DAVID CUTLER, Harvard University and NBER

                        Where are the Health Care Entrepreneurs?  

                        The Failure of Organizational Innovation in Health Care


 9:40 am          RAYMOND FISMAN, Columbia University and NBER

Innovations in Governance


10:20 am         Break


10:40 am         JOSHUA GANS, University of Melbourne

When is Static Analysis a Sufficient Proxy for Dynamic Consequences? Reconsidering Antitrust and Innovation


11:20 am         Break


11:40 am         SUZANNE SCOTCHMER, UC, Berkeley and NBER

                        Cap and Trade, Emissions Taxes, and Innovation  


12:20 pm         BENJAMIN JONES, Northwestern University and NBER

                        As Science Evolves, How Can Science Policy?


 1:00 pm          Luncheon


                        Luncheon speaker

DAVID KAPPOS, Director, United States Patent and Trademark Office