NBER Has Appointed 16 Research Associates

and 45 Faculty Research Fellows

    The NBER Board of Directors appointed 16 Research Associates at its April 2020 meeting. Five were previously Faculty Research Fellows, and one was a former Research Associate who resigned to serve a term on the Board.

    Research Associate appointments are long-term appointments reserved for tenured faculty members. They are recommended to the Board by the directors of the NBER's 20 research programs, typically after consultation with a steering committee of leading scholars. The new Research Associates are affiliated with 16 different colleges and universities; they received graduate training at 13 different institutions.

    In addition, the NBER President appointed 45 new Faculty Research Fellows, typically junior scholars, also on the advice of program directors and their steering committees. The new Faculty Research Fellows, who hold PhDs from 25 different universities, are currently affiliated with 26 different institutions.

    To be appointed an NBER research affiliate, a researcher must hold a primary faculty appointment at a North American college or university. New appointments are made each spring following a call for nominations in January. Candidates are evaluated based on their research records and their capacity to contribute to the NBER's activities. This year, 319 researchers were nominated for new NBER affiliations; 55 were appointed. Including the new appointments, on May 1, 2020, there were 1,257 Research Associates and 341 Faculty Research Fellows.

    The names, current affiliations, and primary NBER programs of the newly promoted and newly appointed researchers are listed below. Italics denote Research Associates who were promoted from Faculty Research Fellows, and * indicates a re-appointed Research Associate.


Research Associates

Marcella Alsan Harvard University Children
D. Mark Anderson Montana State University Health Economics
Esteban Aucejo Arizona State University Economics of Education
Resul Cesur University of Connecticut Health Econimics
Patricia Cortes Boston University Labor Studies
Kerem Cosar University of Virginia International Trade and Investment
Itay Goldstein University of Pennsylvania Corporate Finance
* Mark Grinblatt UC, Los Angeles Asset Pricing
Mario Macis Johns Hopkins University Health Economics
Melissa McInerney Tufts University Aging
Kaivan Munshi Yale University Development Economics
Christian Opp University of Rochester Asset Pricing
Natalia Ramondo UC, San Diego International Trade and Investment
David Slusky University of Kansas Health Care
Adam Storeygard Tufts University International Trade and Investment
David Thesmar MIT Corporate Finance

Faculty Research Fellows

Naoki Aizawa University of Wisconsin-Madison Health Care
David Baqaee UC, Los Angeles International Finance and Macroeconomics
Natalie Bau UC, Los Angeles Children
Peter Bergman Columbia University Economics of Education
Asaf Bernstein University of Colorado Development of the American Economy
Vivek Bhattacharya Northwestern University Industrial Organization
Giulia Brancaccio Cornell University Industrial Organization
Anna Cieslak Duke University Asset Pricing
Jeffrey Denning Brigham Young University Economics of Education
Marcus Dillender University of Illinois Health Economics
Britta Glennon University of Pennsylvania Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
Samuel Hartzmark University of Chicago Asset Pricing
Gabriel Kreindler Harvard University Development Economics
Theresa Kuchler New York University Corporate Finance
Ashley Langer University of Arizona Environment and Energy Economics
Juliana Londoño-Vélez UC, Los Angeles Public Economics
Corinne Low University of Pennsylvania Labor Studies
Sara Lowes UC, San Diego Development Economics
Matt Marx Boston University Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
Steven Mello Dartmouth College Law and Economics
Antony Millner UC, Santa Barbara Environment and Energy Economics
Corina Mommaerts University of Wisconsin-Madison Aging
Jack Mountjoy University of Chicago Labor Studies
Cormac O'Dea Yale University Aging
Cecilia Parlatore New York University Asset Pricing
Diego Perez New York University International Finance and Macroeconomics
Jacopo Ponticelli Northwestern University Corporate Finance
Pascual Restrepo Boston University Economic Fluctuations and Growth
Natalia Rigol Harvard University Development Economics
Raffaele Saggio University of British Columbia Labor Studies
Anya Samek USC Aging
Hannes Schwandt Northwestern University Children
Bradley Shapiro University of Chicago Industrial Organization
Na'ama Shenhav Dartmouth College Children
David Silver Princeton University Health Care
Cesar Sosa Padilla University of Notre Dame International Finance and Macroeconomics
Maria Sviatschi Princeton University Development Economics
Alisa Tazhitdinova UC, Santa Barbara Public Economics
Richard Townsend UC, San Diego Productivity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
Angela Vossmeyer Claremont McKenna College Development of the American Economy
Laura Wherry UC, Los Angeles Health Care
Guo Xu UC, Berkeley Political Economy
David Yang Harvard University Development of the American Economy
Shuang Zhang University of Colorado Environment and Energy Economics
Eric Zou University of Oregon Environment and Energy Economics

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