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NBER Working Papers and Publications

June 2014Regulation and Deregulation of the U.S. Banking Industry: Causes, Consequences, and Implications for the Future
with Philip E. Strahan
in Economic Regulation and Its Reform: What Have We Learned?, Nancy L. Rose, editor
October 2002Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance
with Jeffrey R. Brown, Brian H. Jenn: w9271

Published: Brown, Jeffrey R., Randall S. Kroszner and Brian H. Jenn. "Federal Terrorism Risk Insurance," National Tax Journal, 2002, v55(3,Sep), 647-657. citation courtesy of

December 2001Throwing Good Money After Bad? Board Connections and Conflicts in Bank Lending
with Philip E. Strahan: w8694
January 2001Obstacles to Optimal Policy: The Interplay of Politics and Economics in Shaping Bank Supervision and Regulation Reforms
with Philip E. Strahan
in Prudential Supervision: What Works and What Doesn't, Frederic S. Mishkin, editor
March 2000Obstacles to Optimal Policy: The Interplay of Politics and Economics in Shaping Bank Supervision and Regulation Reforms
with Philip E. Strahan: w7582
January 2000Does Political Ambiguity Pay? Corporate Campaign Contributions and the Rewards to Legislator Reputation
with Thomas Stratmann: w7475
August 1999Bankers on Boards: Monitoring, Conflicts of Interest, and Lender Liability
with Philip E. Strahan: w7319

Published: Kroszner, Randall S. & Strahan, Philip E., 2001. "Bankers on boards: *1: monitoring, conflicts of interest, and lender liability," Journal of Financial Economics, Elsevier, vol. 62(3), pages 415-452, December.

July 1998What Drives Deregulation? Economics and Politics of the Relaxation of Bank Branching Restrictions
with Philip E. Strahan: w6637

Published: Quarterly Journal of Economics (November 1999): 1437-1467.

May 1998Were the Good Old Days That Good? Changes in Managerial Stock Ownership Since the Great Depression
with Clifford G. Holderness, Dennis P. Sheehan: w6550

Published: Journal of Finance (April 1999): 435-469.

July 1997Interests, Institutions, and Ideology in the Republican Conversion to Trade Liberalization, 1934-1945
with Douglas A. Irwin: w6112

Published: Journal of Law and Economics (October 1999): 643-673.

March 1996Log-Rolling and Economic Interests in the Passage of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff
with Douglas A. Irwin: w5510

Published: Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy, Vol. 45 (December 1996): 173-200 citation courtesy of

September 1995Organization Structure and Credibility: Evidence from Commercial Bank Securities Activities Before the Glass-Steagall Act
with Raghuram G. Rajan: w5256

Published: Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 39, no. 3 (1997): 475-516. citation courtesy of

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