Jeffrey C. Schiman

Georgia Southern University
Department of Economics
Statesboro, GA 30458

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Institutional Affiliation: Georgia Southern University

NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2017Early Childhood Health Shocks and Adult Wellbeing: Evidence from Wartime Britain
with Robert Kaestner, Anthony T. Lo Sasso: w23763
A growing literature argues that early environments affecting childhood health may influence significantly later-life health and socioeconomic status. In this article, we present new evidence on the relationship between infant mortality and later-life outcomes using variation in infant mortality in England and Wales at the onset of World War II. We exploit the variation in infant mortality across birth cohorts and regions to estimate associations between infant mortality and adult outcomes, such as health, disability, and employment. Our findings suggest that exposure to a higher infant mortality environment is significantly associated with higher likelihood of reporting poor health, a higher likelihood of reporting a disability, a lower probability of employment, and a higher probability ...
July 2016Dynamic Effects of Teacher Turnover on the Quality of Instruction
with Eric A. Hanushek, Steven G. Rivkin: w22472
It is widely believed that teacher turnover adversely affects the quality of instruction in urban schools serving predominantly disadvantaged children, and a growing body of research investigates various components of turnover effects. The evidence at first seems contradictory, as the quality of instruction appears to decline following turnover despite the fact that most work shows higher attrition for less effective teachers. This raises concerns that confounding factors bias estimates of transition differences in teacher effectiveness, the adverse effects of turnover or both. After taking more extensive steps to account for nonrandom sorting of students into classrooms and endogenous teacher exits and grade-switching, we replicate existing findings of adverse selection out of schools and...

Published: Eric A. Hanushek & Steven G. Rivkin & Jeffrey C. Schiman, 2016. "Dynamic Effects of Teacher Turnover on the Quality of Instruction," Economics of Education Review, . citation courtesy of

March 2016Decentralized Governance and the Quality of School Leadership
with Derek Laing, Steven G. Rivkin, Jason Ward: w22061
In response to widespread dissatisfaction with the schools, the 1988 Chicago School Reform Act decentralized school governance by forming elected local school councils (LSCs) responsible for principal hiring, evaluation, and contract renewal as well as other management functions. Subsequent legislation outlined circumstances in which the district could reclaim authority from the LSC, thereby limiting local control. This paper investigates the distribution of principal effectiveness under a system in which there is uncertainty over the locus of decision-making authority. We first establish the presence of significant variation in principal effectiveness based on both an analysis of variance approach and the estimation of principal fixed effects. Teacher survey responses support the findings...
September 2013Instruction Time, Classroom Quality, and Academic Achievement
with Steven G. Rivkin: w19464
Many countries, American jurisdictions and charter schools have recently embraced longer school days or more time devoted to core academic classes. Recent research generally supports the notion that additional time raises achievement, though difficulties isolating an exogenous source of variation raise questions about the strength of much of the evidence. Moreover, it seems likely that the magnitude of any causal link between achievement and instruction time depends upon the quality of instruction, the classroom environment, and the rate at which students translate classroom time into added knowledge. In this paper we use panel data methods to investigate the pattern of instruction time effects in the 2009 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) data. The empirical analysis s...

Published: Steven G. Rivkin & Jeffrey C. Schiman, 2015. "Instruction Time, Classroom Quality, and Academic Achievement," The Economic Journal, vol 125(588), pages F425-F448. citation courtesy of

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