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"Boston Biotechnology Patent Collaboration Network Distribution of Male and Female Inventors Main Component, 1976 - 1998"
Kjersten Bunker Whittington 2005. [enlarge image]
(SEWP Fellowship Awardee)

Committee on Policy Implications of International Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars in the United States.


Paula Stephan and Richard Freeman served on the a committee evaluating the role of foriegn born in the academic research pipeline. The report is avaible from COSEPUP.

Nano from Historical Perspective

March 2005

Cyrus Mody, SEWP fellowship grantee, helped organize "Nano Before There Was Nano: Historical Perspectives on the Constituent Communities of Nanotechnology" (2005 Cain Conference, March 18-19 2005). John Trumpbour attended the conference.

SEWP Members at APPAM

Oct 2005

Paula Stephan, Sharon Levin, Anne Preston and Grant Black, participated in the APPAM Research Conference (October 2004), under the panel "Growing the Scientific Workforce Through Retention".
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SEWP Website Revamped

Feb 2005

The appearance of this website has been updated. The 'Home' page now contains the section "Research and Policy News" along with several informative sidebars. The 'References' page has links to papers, briefs, and op-eds regarding Science and Engineering Policy. Any comments or suggestions are welcome by emailing

Fellowships and grants information

February 2004

SEWP has distributed over $182K in seven subgrants to assist with research projects. In order to encourage and develop the next generation of scholars, SEWP has also distributed $84,000 so far in dissertation fellowships based on a national competition.

Fellowships Application

December 2003

The Science and Engineering Workforce Project has received resources from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to support dissertation fellowships. The purpose of the fellowships is to broadly facilitate the research goals of the Science and Engineering Workforce Project, while at the same time providing valuable assistance to aspiring scholars. Click here [pdf] to download the application. Note: the application period has closed.

AAAS 2003 Meeting Presentions Updated

February 2003

Presentations from some SEWP Network Members are now available here.