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Agenda -- 2005 Oct 19-20


The Science and Engineering Workforce Project
at the National Bureau of Economic Research

Sponsored by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

October 19 th - 20 th, 2005
Richard B. Freeman and Daniel L. Goroff: Organizers

The National Bureau of Economic Research
1050 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA

Purpose: SEWP participants and invitees will present current research on diverse issues related to the science and engineering workforce.

Each talk will be approx. 30 min followed by 10 min for discussant remarks and then 20 min for questions and general discussion.  However, for the Gender Issues session the discussion portion will be combined for the 3 presentations.

Wednesday, October 19th

Noon Welcome and Lunch

Domestic Supply
12:30 pm Richard Freeman (Harvard) with Tanwin Chang (NBER) and Hanley Chiang (Harvard)
"Supporting the Best & Brightest in S&E - NSF Graduate Research Fellowships" [ppt]
 link to NBER Working Paper
Discussant: Danny Blanchflower (Dartmouth)
1:30 pm George Borjas (Harvard)
"The Impact of High Skill Immigration" [ppt]
Discussant: Rachel Friedberg (Brown)

2:30 pm Break: 15 minutes

Careers of Researchers
2:45 pm Sangjoon Lee (Alfred) with Jinyoung Kim (SUNY at Buffalo) and Gerald Marschke (SUNY at Albany)
"Creating a Longitudinal Research Worker-Establishment Matched Dataset from Patent Data: Description and Application to Understanding International Knowledge Flows" [ppt]
Discussant: Alex Bryson (Policy Studies Institute, UK) [ppt]
3:45 pm Keith Bender (U. Of Wisconsin - Milwaukee) with John Heywood (U. of Wisconsin - Milwaukee)
"Educational Mismatch among PhDs: Determinants and Consequences" [ppt]
Discussant: Shulamit Kahn (Boston University) [ppt]
4:45 pm Paula Stephan (Georgia State) with Albert Sumell (Youngstown State) and James Adams (RPI)
"Capturing Knowledge: The Location Decision of New PhDs Working in Industry" [ppt]
Discussant: Marlene Lee (Population Reference Bureau)

5:45 pm Adjourn Session
6:00 pm Shuttle Bus from NBER to Royal Sonesta
7:00 pm Dinner at Davios (in the Sonesta)

Thursday, October 20th

8:00 am Shuttle Bus from Sonesta to NBER
8:15 am Continental Breakfast at NBER

Grad Students, Post Docs & Other Communities
8:30 am Geoff Davis (Sigma-Xi)
"The Productive Postdoc: Assessing the Impact of Recommended Changes to the Postdoctoral Experience" [ppt]
Discussant: Charles Brown (U. of Michigan)
9:30 am Cyrus Mody (Chemical Heritage Foundation)
"Commercializing Probe Microscopy"  [pdf]
Discussant: David Kaiser (MIT)
10:30 pm Break: 15 minutes
10:45 am Sarah Turner (U. of Virginia) with John Bound (U. of Michigan) and  Patrich Walsh (U. of Michigan)
"Internationalization of U.S. Doctorate Education" [ppt]
Discussant:William Kerr (MIT)

11:45 am Lunch at NBER

Gender Issues in S&E
12:15 pm Sharon Levin (U. of Missouri) and Paula Stephan
"Women and Underrepresented Minorities in the IT Workforce" [ppt]
12:45 pm Donna Ginther (U. of Kansas) and Shulamit Kahn
"Does Science Promote Women? Evidence from Academia 1973-2001" [ppt]
1:15 pm Ronald Oaxaca (U. of Arizona) and Simona Lup Tick (U. of Mississippi)
"Technological Change and Gender Wage Differentials"
1:45 pm Session discussion
Ann Preston (Haverford) & John Bound (U. of Michigan)

2:15 pm Break: 15 minutes

Collaboration and Productivity
2:30 pm Charles Yood (Michigan State U.)
"Emergence of Computational Science at Argonne National Labs" [pdf]
Discussant: Danny Goroff (Harvard)
3:30 pm James Adams (RPI) with J. Roger Clemmons (University of Florida)
"Research Productivity, Teaching Productivity, and Faculty Earnings: Evidence from U.S. Universities" [ppt]
Discussant: Richard Freeman (Harvard)

4:30 pm Adjourn Conference