Betsey Stevenson

Professor of Public Policy and Economics

Policy Papers

Family Policy

Who's Getting Married? Education and Marriage Today and in the Past

with Adam Isen

Council on Contemporary Families, January 26, 2010

Summarizes changes in marital patterns by education and race.

How Should We Think About the Taxpayer Consequences of Divorce?

with Justin Wolfers

Council on Contemporary Families, April 15, 2008

Discusses the tax consequences of changing family structure.

Marriage and the Market

with Justin Wolfers

Cato Unbound, January 2008 (Full symposium)

Describes the history of the family as a response to economic conditions. A useful summary of much of our research on families.

(De-)Regulating the Family

with Justin Wolfers

Cato Unbound, January 2008 (Full symposium)

Summarizes the empirical evidence on the consequences of changes in family law.

Marriage Calculator: Calculate Your Chances of Getting Divorced

An online tool that summarizes divorce risks by gender, age and duration of marriage, and education, using data from the SIPP Family History Supplement.

A brief explanation of the divorce calculator.

Subjective Well-Being

O Paradoxo Da Tristeza (The Paradox of Sadness)

with Dwyer Gunn and Justin Wolfers

VEJA Mulher (Portuguese magazine), May 2010

A discussion of the Paradox of declining female happiness, (in Portuguese)

Dinheiro Traz Felicidade? (Does Money Buy Happiness?)

with Daniel Sacks and Justin Wolfers

EXAME CEO Magazine (Brazil), April, 2010

Analyzes the relationship between income and subjective well-being (in Portuguese)