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The NBER distributes research findings in various ways, ensuring that we reach the widest possible audience.

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NBER Working Papers

NBER researchers initially report their findings in scientific papers aimed at other professional economists in academic institutions, business, government, and the business media around the world. Over 1,000 working papers are distributed each year, and many subsequently appear in scholarly journals.

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How to order Working Papers

Full texts of Working Papers published from November 1994 to the present are available online. These are free of charge for Corporate Associates, subscribers to the full paper series, sites with domain names in ``.GOV'' , and individuals residing in non-OECD developing nations. Working papers are also available individually for $5.00 per copy in electronic form or $10.00 each in hard copy. (For hard copy orders sent outside the continental U.S., a flat $10.00 postage and handling charge will be added per order.)

NBER Working Papers in either hard copy or electronic form can be ordered online, by mail, by phone or by fax,

    To order Working Papers by mail, send your correspondence to:
      Working Papers
      1050 Massachusetts Avenue
      Cambridge, MA 02138-5398

    Working papers may also be ordered by telephone (617-868-3900), by fax (617-349-3955) or by email to

Advance payment is required on all orders. Payment may be made by check or credit card. Checks should be made payable to the NBER and must be in dollars drawn on a U.S. bank. If paying by credit card, include the cardholder's name, account number and expiration date. For all orders, please be sure to include your return address and telephone number.

The NBER Digest

The Digest is a monthly publication that summarizes at least four recent and newsworthy NBER Working Papers. Professional journalists write these summaries for a non-technical audience. The Bureau sends nearly 12,000 copies of the Digest each month to readers in government, business, universities, and the media. The NBER Digest is available in hard copy to the general public upon request.

    The Digest OnLine provides an extensive archive of Digest articles, in addition to the articles in the latest issue.
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The NBER Reporter

The Reporter is a quarterly publication that reviews broad areas of NBER research and activity. The Reporter also includes reviews of recent NBER conferences and a list of all recent NBER Working Papers. The Bureau sends this publication to nearly 10,000 subscribers.

    The Reporter OnLine provides recent Research Summaries plus an archive of NBER Program Reports that have appeared as Reporter articles over the past three years.
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The NBER Bulletin on Aging and Health

The Bulletin on Aging and Health is a quarterly publication that reviews recent research produced as part of the Bureau's program of research in aging and health economics.

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