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NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2019Voting for Democracy: Chile's Plebiscito and the Electoral Participation of a Generation
with Ethan Kaplan, Fernando Saltiel: w26440
December 2018Dynamic Treatment Effects of Job Training
with Jorge Rodríguez, Fernando Saltiel: w25408
April 2018The Transmission of Commodity Price Super-Cycles
with Felipe Benguria, Felipe Saffie: w24560
October 2017The Children of the Missed Pill
with Tomás Rau, Miguel Sarzosa: w23911
October 2015Bullying among Adolescents: The Role of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Skills
with Miguel Sarzosa: w21631
April 2015The Effect of Mandated Child Care on Female Wages in Chile
with María F. Prada, Graciana Rucci: w21080
December 2014One Size does not Fit All: Multiple Dimensions of Ability, College Attendance and Wages
with María F. Prada: w20752

Published: María F. Prada & Sergio Urzúa, 2017. "One Size Does Not Fit All: Multiple Dimensions of Ability, College Attendance, and Earnings," Journal of Labor Economics, vol 35(4), pages 953-991.

March 2014Education, Health and Wages
with James J. Heckman, John Eric Humphries, Greg Veramendi: w19971
June 2013Loans for Higher Education: Does the Dream Come True?
with Tomás Rau, Eugenio Rojas: w19138
Education, Birth Order, and Family Size
with Jesper Bagger, Javier A. Birchenall, Hani Mansour: w19111
March 2013The Long-term Effects of Early Lead Exposure: Evidence from a case of Environmental Negligence
with Tomás Rau, Loreto Reyes: w18915
February 2013Heterogeneous Economic Returns to Postsecondary Degrees: Evidence from Chile
with Loreto Reyes, Jorge Rodríguez: w18817

Published: Jorge Rodríguez & Sergio Urzúa & Loreto Reyes, 2016. "Heterogeneous Economic Returns to Post-Secondary Degrees: Evidence from Chile," Journal of Human Resources, University of Wisconsin Press, vol. 51(2), pages 416-460. citation courtesy of

October 2009Testing the Correlated Random Coefficient Model
with James J. Heckman, Daniel A. Schmierer: w15463

Published: Heckman, James J. & Schmierer, Daniel & Urzua, Sergio, 2010. "Testing the correlated random coefficient model," Journal of Econometrics, Elsevier, vol. 158(2), pages 177-203, October. citation courtesy of

February 2009Comparing IV With Structural Models: What Simple IV Can and Cannot Identify
with James J. Heckman: w14706

Published: Heckman, James J. & Urzúa, Sergio, 2010. "Comparing IV with structural models: What simple IV can and cannot identify," Journal of Econometrics, Elsevier, vol. 156(1), pages 27-37, May. citation courtesy of

October 2006Understanding Instrumental Variables in Models with Essential Heterogeneity
with James J. Heckman, Edward J. Vytlacil: w12574

Published: Heckman, James J., Sergio Urzua and Edward Vytlacil. "Understanding Instrumental Variables In Models With Essential Heterogeneity," Review of Economics and Statistics, 2006, v88(3,Aug), 389-432. citation courtesy of

February 2006The Effects of Cognitive and Noncognitive Abilities on Labor Market Outcomes and Social Behavior
with James J. Heckman, Jora Stixrud: w12006

Published: Heckman, James J., Jora Stixrud and Sergio Urzua. "The Effects Of Cognitive and Noncognitive Abilities On Labor Market Outcomes and Social Behavior," Journal of Labor Economics, 2006, v24(3,Jul), 411-482. citation courtesy of

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