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NBER Working Papers and Publications

August 2013The Effect of Maternal Employment on Children's Academic Performance
with Rachel Dunifon, Anne Toft Hansen, Lisbeth Palmhøj Nielsen: w19364
January 2013The Production of and Market for New Physicians' Skill
with Andrew J. Epstein, David A. Asch: w18678

Published: Andrew J. Epstein & Sean Nicholson & David A. Asch, 2016. "The Production of and Market for New Physicians’ Skill," American Journal of Health Economics, vol 2(1), pages 41-65.

January 2012Positive and Negative Mental Health Consequences of Early Childhood Television Watching
with Michael Waldman, Nodir Adilov: w17786
August 2010Bundling Among Rivals: A Case of Pharmaceutical Cocktails
with Claudio Lucarelli, Minjae Song: w16321
July 2009A Quality-Adjusted Price Index for Colorectal Cancer Drugs
with Claudio Lucarelli: w15174
June 2008Professional Partnerships and Matching in Obstetrics
with Andrew Epstein, Jonathan D. Ketcham: w14070
October 2006Does Television Cause Autism?
with Michael Waldman, Nodir Adilov: w12632
August 2005The Formation and Evolution of Physician Treatment Styles: An Application to Cesarean Sections
with Andrew Epstein: w11549

Published: Epstein, Andrew J. & Nicholson, Sean, 2009. "The formation and evolution of physician treatment styles: An application to cesarean sections," Journal of Health Economics, Elsevier, vol. 28(6), pages 1126-1140, December. citation courtesy of

July 2004Measuring the Effects of Workloss on Productivity With Team Production
with Marc V. Pauly, Daniel Polsky, Claire Sharda, Helena Szrek: w10632

Published: Sean Nicholson & Mark V. Pauly & Daniel Polsky & Claire Sharda & Helena Szrek & Marc L. Berger, 2006. "Measuring the effects of work loss on productivity with team production," Health Economics, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., vol. 15(2), pages 111-123. citation courtesy of

June 2004How Much Do Medical Students Know About Physician Income?

Published: Nicholson, Sean. "How Much Do Medical Students Know About Physician Income?," Journal of Human Resources, 2005, v40(1,Winter), 100-114. citation courtesy of

Mergers and Acquisitions in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries
with Patricia M. Danzon, Andrew Epstein: w10536

Published: Patricia M. Danzon & Andrew Epstein & Sean Nicholson, 2007. "Mergers and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries," Managerial and Decision Economics, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., vol. 28(4-5), pages 307-328. citation courtesy of

September 2003The Magnitude and Nature of Risk Selection in Employer-Sponsored Health Plans
with Kate Bundorf, Rebecca M. Stein, Daniel Polsky: w9937

Published: Nicholson, Sean, Daniel Polsky, Kate Bundorf, and Rebecca Stein. “The Magnitude and Nature of Risk Selection in Employer-Sponsored Health Plans." Health Services Research 39, 6 Part 1 (2004): 1817-1838.

April 2003Barriers to Entering Medical Specialties
Productivity in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology R&D: The Role of Experience and Alliances
with Patricia M. Danzon, Nuno Sousa Pereira: w9615

Published: Danzon, Patricia M., Sean Nicholson and Nuno Sousa Pereira. "Productivity In Pharmaceutical-Biotechnology R&D: The Role Of Experience And Alliances," Journal of Health Economics, 2005, v24(2,Mar), 317-339. citation courtesy of

June 2002Peer Effects in Medical School
with Peter Arcidiacono: w9025

Published: Arcidiacono, Peter and Sean Nicholson. "Peer Effects In Medical School," Journal of Public Economics, 2005, v89(2-3,Feb), 327-350. citation courtesy of

Biotech-Pharmaceutical Alliances as a Signal of Asset and Firm Quality
with Patricia M. Danzon, Jeffrey S. McCullough: w9007

Published: Sean Nicholson, 2005. "Biotech-Pharmaceutical Alliances as a Signal of Asset and Firm Quality," Journal of Business, University of Chicago Press, vol. 78(4), pages 1433-1464, July. citation courtesy of

April 2002Physician Income Prediction Errors: Sources and Implications for Behavior
with Nicholas S. Souleles: w8907
October 2001Physician Income Expectations and Specialty Choice
with Nicholas S. Souleles: w8536
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