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Institutional Affiliation: University of Michigan

NBER Working Papers and Publications

April 2020The Economic Impact of a High National Minimum Wage: Evidence from the 1966 Fair Labor Standards Act
with Martha J. Bailey, Bryan A. Stuart: w26926
May 2010Program Evaluation and Research Designs
with David S. Lee: w16016

Published: “Program Evaluation and Research Designs” with John DiNard o, in Handbook of Labor Economics, Volume 4A , Orley Ashenfelter and David Card, ed., Elsevier B.V., 2011.

March 2009Beyond Incentives: Do Schools use Accountability Rewards Productively?
with Marigee Bacolod, Mireille Jacobson: w14775

Published: Beyond Incentives Do Schools Use Accountability Rewards Productively? by Marigee Bacolod, John DiNardo, Mireille Jacobson Save to My RAND Print Share Cover: Beyond Incentives Published in: Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, v. 30, no. 1, Jan. 2012, p. 149-163 citation courtesy of

December 2004A Submerging Labor Market Institution?Unions and the Nonwage Aspects of Work
with Thomas C. Buchmueller, Robert Valletta
in Emerging Labor Market Institutions for the Twenty-First Century, Richard B. Freeman, Joni Hersch and Lawrence Mishel, editors
July 2004Economic Impacts of Unionization on Private Sector Employers: 1984-2001
with David S. Lee: w10598

Published: DiNardo, John and David S. Lee. “Economic Impacts of New Unionization on U.S. Private Sector Employers: 1984-2001." Quarterly Journal of Economics 119, 4 (2004): 1383-1442.

June 2002The Impact of Unionization on Establishment Closure: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Representation Elections
with David S. Lee: w8993
February 2002Skill Biased Technological Change and Rising Wage Inequality: Some Problems and Puzzles
with David Card: w8769

Published: Card, David and John E. DiNardo. "Skill-Based Technological Change And Rising Wage Inequality: Some Problems And Puzzles," Journal of Labor Economics, 2002, v20(4,Oct), 733-783. citation courtesy of

April 2001Union Effects on Health Insurance Provision and Coverage in the United States
with Thomas C. Buchmueller: w8238

Published: Thomas C. Buchmueller & John DiNardo & Robert G. Valletta, 2002. "Union effects on health insurance provision and coverage in the United States," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, ILR Review, ILR School, Cornell University, vol. 55(4), pages 610-627, July. citation courtesy of

July 2000When Unions "Mattered": Assessing the Impact of Strikes on Financial Markets: 1925-1937
with Kevin F. Hallock: w7794

Published: John DiNardo & Kevin F. Hallock, 2002. "When unions "mattered": The impact of strikes on financial markets, 1925-1937," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, ILR Review, ILR School, Cornell University, vol. 55(2), pages 219-233, January.

March 2000Do Immigrant Inflows Lead to Native Outflows?
with David Card: w7578

Published: Card, David and John DiNardo. "Do Immigrant Inflows Lead To Native Outflows?," American Economic Review, 2000, v90(2,May), 360-367. citation courtesy of

January 2000The More Things Change: Immigrants and the Children of Immigrants in the 1940s, the 1970s, and the 1990s
with David Card, Eugena Estes
in Issues in the Economics of Immigration, George J. Borjas, editor
August 1999The Phillips Curve is Back? Using Panel Data to Analyze the Relationship Between Unemployment and Inflation in an Open Economy
with Mark P. Moore: w7328
January 1999Did Community Rating Induce an Adverse Selection Death Spiral? Evidencefrom New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut
with Thomas Buchmueller: w6872

Published: Thomas Buchmueller & John Dinardo, 2002. "Did Community Rating Induce an Adverse Selection Death Spiral? Evidence from New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut," American Economic Review, American Economic Association, vol. 92(1), pages 280-294, March. citation courtesy of

July 1998The Immigrant and Native-born Wage Distributions: Evidence from United States Censuses
with Kristin F. Butcher: w6630

Published: Kristin F. Butcher & John DiNardo, 2002. "The Immigrant and native-born wage distributions: Evidence from United States censuses," Industrial and Labor Relations Review, ILR Review, Cornell University, ILR School, vol. 56(1), pages 97-121, October. citation courtesy of

April 1998The More Things Change: Immigrants and the Children of Immigrants in the 1940s, the 1970s, and the 1990s
with David Card, Eugena Estes: w6519
December 1997Unions and Managerial Pay
with Kevin Hallock, Jorn-Steffen Pischke: w6318
June 1996The Returns to Computer Use Revisited: Have Pencils Changed the Wage Structure Too?
with Jorn-Steffen Pischke: w5606

Published: Quarterly Journal of Economics, Vol. 112 (February 1997): 291-303. citation courtesy of

April 1995Labor Market Institutions and the Distribution of Wages, 1973-1992: A Semiparametric Approach
with Nicole M. Fortin, Thomas Lemieux: w5093

Published: Econometrica, vol.64, no.5, pp.1001-1044, September 1996. citation courtesy of

November 1992Alcohol, Marijuana, and American Youth: The Unintended Effects of Government Regulation
with Thomas Lemieux: w4212

Published: DiNardo, John and Thomas Lemieux. “Alcohol, Marijuana, and American Youth: the Unintended Consequences of Government Regulation." Journal of Health Economics 20 (November 2001): 991-1010.

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