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NBER Working Papers and Publications

July 2019Should Electric Vehicle Drivers Pay a Mileage Tax?
with Lucas W. Davis: w26072
May 2019Should Electric Vehicle Drivers Pay a Mileage Tax?
with Lucas W. Davis
in Environmental and Energy Policy and the Economy, volume 1, Matthew J. Kotchen, James H. Stock, and Catherine D. Wolfram, editors
Pigou Creates Losers: On the Implausibility of Achieving Pareto Improvements from Efficiency-Enhancing Policies
December 2016Corrective Policy and Goodhart's Law: The Case of Carbon Emissions from Automobiles
with Mathias Reynaert: w22911
May 2016Designing Policies to Make Cars Greener: A Review of the Literature
with Soren T. Anderson: w22242

Published: Soren T. Anderson & James M. Sallee, 2016. "Designing Policies to Make Cars Greener," Annual Review of Resource Economics, vol 8(1).

March 2016Sufficient Statistics for Imperfect Externality-Correcting Policies
with Mark R. Jacobsen, Christopher R. Knittel, Arthur A. van Benthem: w22063
July 2015Do Consumers Recognize the Value of Fuel Economy? Evidence from Used Car Prices and Gasoline Price Fluctuations
with Sarah West, Wei Fan: w21441

Published: James M. Sallee & Sarah E. West & Wei Fan, 2016. "Do consumers recognize the value of fuel economy? Evidence from used car prices and gasoline price fluctuations," Journal of Public Economics, . citation courtesy of

September 2014The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation: Theory and Evidence from Fuel-Economy Standards
with Koichiro Ito: w20500

Published: Koichiro Ito & James M. Sallee, 2018. "The Economics of Attribute-Based Regulation: Theory and Evidence from Fuel Economy Standards," The Review of Economics and Statistics, vol 100(2), pages 319-336. citation courtesy of

October 2013The Intergenerational Transmission of Automobile Brand Preferences: Empirical Evidence and Implications for Firm Strategy
with Soren T. Anderson, Ryan Kellogg, Ashley Langer: w19535

Published: Soren T. Anderson & Ryan Kellogg & Ashley Langer & James M. Sallee, 2015. "The Intergenerational Transmission of Automobile Brand Preferences," The Journal of Industrial Economics, vol 63(4), pages 763-793.

Rational Inattention and Energy Efficiency

Published: James M. Sallee, 2014. "Rational Inattention and Energy Efficiency," Journal of Law and Economics, University of Chicago Press, vol. 57(3), pages 781 - 820. citation courtesy of

August 2013New Evidence on Taxes and the Timing of Birth
with Sara LaLumia, Nicholas Turner: w19283

Published: Sara LaLumia & James M. Sallee & Nicholas Turner, 2015. "New Evidence on Taxes and the Timing of Birth," American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, American Economic Association, vol. 7(2), pages 258-93, May. citation courtesy of

July 2011The Value of Honesty: Empirical Estimates from the Case of the Missing Children
with Sara LaLumia: w17247

Published: Sara LaLumia & James Sallee, 2013. "The value of honesty: empirical estimates from the case of the missing children," International Tax and Public Finance, Springer, vol. 20(2), pages 192-224, April. citation courtesy of

April 2011What Do Consumers Believe About Future Gasoline Prices?
with Soren T. Anderson, Ryan Kellogg: w16974

Published: Anderson, Soren T. & Kellogg, Ryan & Sallee, James M., 2013. "What do consumers believe about future gasoline prices?," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Elsevier, vol. 66(3), pages 383-403. citation courtesy of

December 2010Car Notches: Strategic Automaker Responses to Fuel Economy Policy
with Joel Slemrod: w16604

Published: Sallee, James M. & Slemrod, Joel, 2012. "Car notches: Strategic automaker responses to fuel economy policy," Journal of Public Economics, Elsevier, vol. 96(11), pages 981-999. citation courtesy of

The Taxation of Fuel Economy
in Tax Policy and the Economy, Volume 25, Jeffrey Brown, editor
October 2010The Taxation of Fuel Economy

Published: James M. Sallee, 2011. "The Taxation of Fuel Economy," Tax Policy and the Economy, University of Chicago Press, vol. 25(1), pages 1 - 38.

September 2010Automobile Fuel Economy Standards: Impacts, Efficiency, and Alternatives
with Soren T. Anderson, Carolyn Fischer, Ian Parry: w16370

Published: Soren T. Anderson & Ian W. H. Parry & James M. Sallee & Carolyn Fischer, 2011. "Automobile Fuel Economy Standards: Impacts, Efficiency, and Alternatives," Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, Oxford University Press for Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, vol. 5(1), pages 89-108, Winter. citation courtesy of

December 2007Do State Laws Affect the Age of Marriage? A Cautionary Tale About Avoidance Behavior
with Rebecca M. Blank, Kerwin Kofi Charles: w13667

Published: 2 “A Cautionary Tale About the Use of Administrative Data: Eviden ce from Age of Marriage Laws” (with Rebecca M. Blank and Kerwin Kofi Charles), American Economic Journal: Applied Microeconomics, 1(2), April 2009, pp. 128 - 149.

January 2007A Unifying Model of How the Tax System and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Affect Corporate Behavior
with Douglas A. Shackelford, Joel Slemrod: w12873
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