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July 2002Labor Market Institutions and Demographic Employment Patterns
with Francine D. Blau, Lawrence M. Kahn: w9043

Published: Giuseppe Bertola & Francine Blau & Lawrence Kahn, 2007. "Labor market institutions and demographic employment patterns," Journal of Population Economics, Springer, vol. 20(4), pages 833-867, October. citation courtesy of

October 2001Comparative Analysis of Labor Market Outcomes: Lessons for the US from International Long-Run Evidence
with Francine D. Blau, Lawrence M. Kahn: w8526

Published: Krueger, Alan and Robert Solow (eds.) The Roaring Nineties, Russell Sage Foundaton The Century Foundation (2001).

February 1997Interest Rate Targeting and the Dynamics of Short-Term Rates
with Pierluigi Balduzzi, Silverio Foresi, Leora Klapper: w5944

Published: Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Vol. 30, issue 1 (February 1998) pp. 26-50 citation courtesy of

November 1996Institutions and Labor Reallocation
with Richard Rogerson: w5828

Published: Bertola, Giuseppe & Rogerson, Richard. "Institutions and labor reallocation," European Economic Review, Elsevier, vol. 41(6), pages 1147-1171, June 1997 citation courtesy of

January 1996Heterogeneous Behavior in Exchange Rate Crises
with Fabio C. Bagliano, Andrea Beltratti
in The Microstructure of Foreign Exchange Markets, Jeffrey A. Frankel, Giampaolo Galli, Alberto Giovannini, editors
January 1995Wage Inequality and Unemployment: United States versus Europe
with Andrea Ichino
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 1995, Volume 10, Ben S. Bernanke and Julio J. Rotemberg, editors
September 1993Cross Sectional Efficiency and Labor Hoarding in an Matching Model of Unemployment
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w4472

Published: Review of Economic Studies, vol 61, no 3, pp 435-456, July 1994 citation courtesy of

April 1993A Model of Target Changes and the Term Structure of Interest Rates
with Pierluigi Balduzzi, Silverio Foresi: w4347

Published: Balduzzi, Pierluigi, Giuseppe Bertola and Silvero Foresi. "A Model Of Target Changes And The Term Structure Of Interest Rates," Journal of Monetary Economics, 1997, v39(2,Jul), 223-249. citation courtesy of

October 1991Flexibility, Investment, and Growth

Published: Journal of Monetary Economics, vol 34, 1994, pp 215-238 citation courtesy of

Irreversibility and Aggregate Investment
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w3865

Published: Review of Economic Studies, vol 61, no 2, pp 223-246, April 1994 citation courtesy of

Labor Turnover Costs and Average Labor Demand

Published: Journal of Labor Economics Volume 10, No. 4, October 1992, pp. 380-388 citation courtesy of

September 1991Trigger Points and Budget Cuts: Explaining the Effects of Fiscal Austerity
with Allan Drazen: w3844

Published: American Economic Review, vol. 83, no. 9, pp. 11-26 March 1993 citation courtesy of

Factor Shares and Savings in Endogenous Growth

Published: American Economic Review, vol. 83, no. 5, December 1993 citation courtesy of

January 1991Stochastic Devaluation Risk and the Empirical Fit of Target Zone Models
with Lars E.O. Svensson: w3576

Published: Review of Economic Studies, vol. 60, no. 3, July 1993 pp. 689-712, citation courtesy of

January 1990Kinked Adjustment Costs and Aggregate Dynamics
with Ricardo J. Caballero
in NBER Macroeconomics Annual 1990, Volume 5, Olivier Jean Blanchard and Stanley Fischer, editors
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