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NBER Working Papers and Publications

November 2019MoNK: Mortgages in a New-Keynesian Model
with Carlos Garriga, Roman Šustek: w26427
October 2019Exploring The Role of Limited Commitment Constraints in Argentina’s "Missing Capital"
with Marek Kapička, Carlos Zarazaga: w26359
January 2019The Costs and Benefits of Caring: Aggregate Burdens of an Aging Population
with Nick Pretnar: w25498
September 2016Nominal Rigidities in Debt and Product Markets
with Carlos Garriga, Roman Šustek: w22613

Published: Carlos Garriga & Finn E. Kydland & Roman Sustek, 2016. "Nominal rigidities in debt and product markets," Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Working Papers, vol 2016(17).

December 2013Mortgages and Monetary Policy
with Carlos Garriga, Roman Sustek: w19744

Published: Carlos Garriga & Finn E. Kydland & Roman Šustek, 2017. "Mortgages and Monetary Policy," The Review of Financial Studies, vol 30(10), pages 3337-3375. citation courtesy of

October 2012Housing Dynamics over the Business Cycle
with Peter Rupert, Roman Sustek: w18432

Published: Finn E. Kydland & Peter Rupert & Roman Šustek, 2016. "HOUSING DYNAMICS OVER THE BUSINESS CYCLE," International Economic Review, vol 57(4), pages 1149-1177. citation courtesy of

July 2009Globally Correlated Nominal Fluctuations
with Espen Henriksen, Roman Sustek: w15123

Published: Henriksen, Espen & Kydland, Finn E. & Å ustek, Roman, 2013. "Globally correlated nominal fluctuations," Journal of Monetary Economics, Elsevier, vol. 60(6), pages 613-631. citation courtesy of

October 1993International Business Cycles: Theory and Evidence
with David Backus, Patrick J. Kehoe: w4493


  • Quarterly Review of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Fall 1993
  • T. Cooley, ed.: Frontiers in Business Cycle Research. Princeton University Press 1995

December 1992Relative Price Movements in Dynamic General Equilibrium Models of International Trade
with David K. Backus, Patrick J. Kehoe: w4243

Published: R. van der Ploeg ed.: Handbook of International Macroeconomics(Blackwell 1994)

Dynamics of the Trade Balance and the Terms of Trade: The S-Curve
with David Backus, Patrick J. Kehoe: w4242

Published: "Dynamics of the Trade Balance and the Terms of Trade: the J Curve?" American Economic Review, 84 (March 1994) pp 84-103. citation courtesy of

May 1990The Gold Standard as a Rule
with Michael D. Bordo: w3367

Published: Explorations in Economic History, vol. 32, pp. 423-464, (October 1995).

1980A Competitive Theory of Fluctuations and the Feasibility and Desirability of Stabilization Policy
with Edward C. Prescott
in Rational Expectations and Economic Policy, Stanley Fischer, editor
April 1976Decentralized Stabilization Policies: Optimization and the Assignment Problem
in Annals of Economic and Social Measurement, Volume 5, number 2, Sanford V. Berg, editor
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