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October 1975Time-Utilization of a Population of General Practitioners in a Prepaid Group Practice
with Richard N. Watkins, Eugene M. Lewit: w0105
A population of seven general surgeons in a prepaid group practice previously shown to have a mean operative work load of 9.2 HE per week were found to have a mean standardized seven day working week of 56.2 hours exclusive of evening activities. The surgeons also devoted a mean of 6.7 evening hours to professional activities for a total working week of 62.9 hours. Comparisons of the time utilization of this population of general surgeons with a population of previously studied community surgeons revealed that the prepaid group surgeons were able to maintain a surgical output more than double that of the community surgeons without having to devote twice as much time to professional activities. Economies in the utilization of surgical manpower in the prepaid group appear to stem from geogra...

Published: Watkins, Richard N.; Hughes, Edward S.X.; and Lewit, Eugene M. "Time-Utilization of a Population of General Surgeons in a Prepaid Group Practice." Medical Care, Vol. 14, No. 10, (October 1976), pp. 824-838.

December 1973Utilization of Surgical Manpower in A Prepaid Group Practice
with Eugene M. Lewit, Richard N. Watkins, Richard Handschin: w0019
The median operative workload of seven general surgeons comprising the general surgical staff of a prepaid group practice of 158,000 enrollees was 9.9 hernia equivalents (HE) a week. The value was over three times that of a previously studied population of 19 general surgeons in fee-for-service community practice, and approximated a consensus standard of a full surgical workload. The median complexity of operations was 1.00 HE, similar to the community practice, and evidence suggested the most complex operation were handled by6 the surgeons with the most training. 23.6% of operations were performed on an ambulatory basis. The results suggest that the prepaid group practice under study possesses administrative mechanisms to efficiently utilize both general surgeons and the resources dev...


  • Hughes, Edward F.X.; Lewit, Eugene M.; Watkins, Richard N.; and Handschin, Richard. "Utilization of Surgical Manpower in a Prepaid Group Practice." New England Journal of Medicine, Vol. 291, (October 10, 1974), pp. 7 59-763.
  • Hughes, Edward F.X.; Lewit, Eugene M.; Watkins, Richard N.; and Handschin, Richard. "Utilization of Surgical Manpower in a Prepaid Group Practice." Issues in Health Services, edited by Williams. New York: John Wiley and Sons, 1980.

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