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NBER Working Papers and Publications

February 2020When and How to Use Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure: Lessons from the International Experience
with Ronald D. Fischer, Alexander Galetovic
in Economics of Infrastructure Investment, Edward L. Glaeser and James M. Poterba, editors
August 2009Soft Budgets and Renegotiations in Public-Private Partnerships
with Ronald Fischer, Alexander Galetovic: w15300
January 2008Optimal Resource Extraction Contracts Under Threat of Expropriation
with Ronald Fischer: w13742
July 2007The Basic Public Finance of Public-Private Partnerships
with Ronald Fischer, Alexander Galetovic: w13284

Published: Eduardo Engel & Ronald Fischer & Alexander Galetovic, 2013. "The Basic Public Finance Of Public–Private Partnerships," Journal of the European Economic Association, European Economic Association, vol. 11(1), pages 83-111, 02. citation courtesy of

March 2007Price Stickiness in Ss Models: New Interpretations of Old Results
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w12945

Published: Caballero, Ricardo J. & Engel, Eduardo M.R.A., 2007. "Price stickiness in Ss models: New interpretations of old results," Journal of Monetary Economics, Elsevier, vol. 54(Supplemen), pages 100-121, September. citation courtesy of

July 2006Renegotiation Without Holdup: Anticipating Spending and Infrastructure Concessions
with Ronald Fischer, Alexander Galetovic: w12399
June 2006Aggregate Implications of Lumpy Investment: New Evidence and a DSGE Model
with Ruediger Bachmann, Ricardo J. Caballero: w12336

Published: R?diger Bachmann & Ricardo J. Caballero & Eduardo M. R. A. Engel, 2013. "Aggregate Implications of Lumpy Investment: New Evidence and a DSGE Model," American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, American Economic Association, vol. 5(4), pages 29-67, October. citation courtesy of

September 2004Effective Labor Regulation and Microeconomic Flexibility
with Ricardo J. Caballero, Kevin N. Cowan, Alejandro Micco: w10744

Published: Caballero, Ricardo J. & Cowan, Kevin N. & Engel, Eduardo M.R.A. & Micco, Alejandro, 2013. "Effective labor regulation and microeconomic flexibility," Journal of Development Economics, Elsevier, vol. 101(C), pages 92-104. citation courtesy of

March 2004Microeconomic Flexibility in Latin America
with Ricardo J. Caballlero, Alejandro Micco: w10398


  • Caballero G., Ricardo, Eduardo Engel G., and Alejandro Micco A., 2004. "Microeconomic Flexibility in Latin America," Journal Economía Chilena (The Chilean Economy), Central Bank of Chile, vol. 7(2), pages 5-26, August citation courtesy of
  • Caballero, Ricardo, Eduardo Engel, and Alejandro Micco, 2005. "Microeconomic Flexibility in Latin America." In Labor Markets and Institutions, edition 1, volume 8, Central Banking, Analysis, and Economic Policies Book Series, Jorge Restrepo, Andrea Tokman R., Norman Loayza (Series Editor), and Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel, chapter 10, pages 329-366, Central Bank of Chile.

Three Strikes and You're Out: Reply to Cooper and Willis
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w10368

Published: Caballero, Ricardo and Eduardo Engel. “Three Strikes and You’re Out: Reply to Cooper and Willis.” American Economic Review 94, 4 (September 2004): 1238–1244.

August 2003Missing Aggregate Dynamics: On the Slow Convergence of Lumpy Adjustment Models
with David Berger, Ricardo J. Caballero: w9898
April 2002Competition in or for the Field: Which is Better?
with Ronald Fischer, Alexander Galetovic: w8869
February 2002Highway Franchising and Real Estate Values
with Ronald Fischer, Alexander Galetovic: w8803

Published: Engel, Eduardo, Ronald Fischer and Alexander Galetovic. "Highway Franchising And Real Estate Values," Journal of Urban Economics, 2005, v57(3,May), 432-448. citation courtesy of

March 2001How to Auction an Essential Facility When Underhand Integration is Possible
with Ronald D. Fischer, Alexander Galetovic: w8146

Published: Engel, Eduardo M. R. A., Ronald A. Fischer and Alexander Galetovic. "How To Auction A Bottleneck Monopoly When Underhand Vertical Agreements Are Possible," Journal of Industrial Economics, 2004, v52(3,Sep), 427-455.

May 1999Toll Competition Among Congested Roads
with Ronald Fischer, Alexander Galetovic: t0239
February 1999Poisoned Grapes, Mad Cow, and Protectionism

Published: Eduardo M.R.A Engel, 2001. "Poisoned grapes, mad cows and protectionism," The Journal of Policy Reform, vol 4(2), pages 91-111.

January 1999Understanding Tax Evasion Dynamics
with James R. Hines, Jr.: w6903
December 1998Taxes and Income Distribution in Chile: Some Unpleasant Redistributive Arithmetic
with Alexander Galetovic, Claudio E. Raddatz: w6828

Published: Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 59, no. 1 (June 1999). citation courtesy of

August 1998Least-Present-Value-of-Revenue Auctions and Highway Franchising
with Ronald D. Fischer, Alexander Galetovic: w6689

Published: Engel, Eduardo M. R. A., Ronald D. Fischer and Alexander Galetovic. "Least-Present-Value-Of-Revenue Auctions And Highway Franchising," Journal of Political Economy, 2001, v109(5,Oct), 993-1020. citation courtesy of

February 1998Nonlinear Aggregate Investment Dynamics: Theory and Evidence
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w6420
February 1995Aggregate Employment Dynamics: Building From Microeconomic Evidence
with Ricardo J. Caballero, John Haltiwanger: w5042

Published: American Economic Review, Vol. 87, no. 1 (March 1997): 115-137 citation courtesy of

October 1994Explaining Investment Dynamics in U.S. Manufacturing: A Generalized (S,s) Approach
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w4887

Published: Econometrica, Vol. 67, no.4 (July 1999): 783-826. citation courtesy of

September 1992Microeconomic Rigidities and Aggregate Price Dynamics
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w4162

Published: European Economic Review, 37 (4), 1993, 697-711. citation courtesy of

June 1992Microeconomic Adjustment Hazards and Aggregate Dynamics
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w4090

Published: Quarterly Journal of Economics, 108 (2), May 1993, 359-383. citation courtesy of

Price Rigidities, Asymmetries, and Output Fluctuations
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w4091

Published: Published as "Heterogeneity and Output Fluctuations in a Dynamic Menu-Cost Economy", Review of Economic Studies, Vol. 60, no. 202 (1993): 95-119.

June 1991Heterogeneity and Output Fluctuations in a Dynamic Menu-Cost Economy
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w3729

Published: Review of Economic Studies, 60(1), January 1993, p. 95-120 citation courtesy of

Dynamic (S,s) Economies
with Ricardo J. Caballero: w3734

Published: Econometrica, November 1991,pp. 1659-1686 citation courtesy of

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