NBER Disability Research Center Papers

NB16-05 Mashfiqur R. Khan
Matthew S. Rutledge
Geoffrey T. Sanzenbacher

Social Security and Total Replacement Rates
in Disability and Retirement
September 2016
NB15-51 Anna V. Chorniy
Leah Kitashima

Sex, Drugs, and ADHD: The Effects of ADHD Pharmacological Treatment on Teens’ Risky Behaviors September 2015
NB15-08a Rene Boeheim
Thomas Leoni

Disability Policies: Reform Strategies in a Comparative Perspective September 2015
NB15-08b Rene Boeheim
Thomas Leoni

Disability Policies across Europe: Reforms and Employment Outcomes for Workers Aged 50+ September 2015
NB15-09 Philippe Ruh
Stefan Staubli

The Impact of the Substantial Gainful Activity Cap on Disability Insurance Recipients’ Labor Supply September 2015
NB14-02 Bruce D. Meyer
Wallace K.C. Mok

Disabled Women and Their Economic Well-Being September 2014
NB13-09 David Autor
Mark Duggan
Jonathan Gruber
Catherine Maclean

How does Access to Short Term Disability Insurance Impact SSDI Claiming? October 2013
NB13-03 Jay Bhattacharya
Social Security Forecasts and the Future Health of the American Population October 2013
NB13-08 Enrica Croda
Jonathan Skinner
Laura Yasaitis

An International Comparison of the Efficiency of Government Disability Programs September 2013
NB13-04 Manasi Deshpande
The Effect of the Supplemental Security Income Children's Program on Parental Labor Supply and Long-Term Outcomes of Enrolled Children September 2013
NB13-06 Magne Mogstad
Andreas Kostol

How Financial Incentives Induce Disability Insurance Recipients to Return to Work September 2013
NB13-02 Anna Aizer
Nora Gordon
Melissa Kearney

Exploring the Growth of the Child SSI Caseload in the Context of the Broader Policy and Demographic Landscape September 2013
NB13-07 René Böheim
Thomas Leoni

Firms' sickness costs and workers' sickness absence September 2013
NB13-10 Andreas Mueller
Jesse Rothstein
Till M. von Wachter

Unemployment Insurance and Disability Insurance in the Great Recession September 2013
NB13-05 Alexander Gelber Timothy Moore
Alexander Strand

The Effect of Disability Insurance on Work Activity: Evidence from a Regression Kink Design April 2013
NB13-01 Jeffrey Liebman
Understanding the Increase in Disability Insurance Spending January 2013

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