Brexit: Likely Effects of Britain's Departure from EU
on Trade, the U.K., and European Integration

NBER BREXIT PANEL 2016 Sequence.01

Four leading economists discussed Brexit — the British decision to leave the European Union — at this year's National Bureau of Economic Research Summer Institute in Cambridge, MA. Jeffrey A. Frankel (above) of Harvard University and the NBER moderated.

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26 July 2016

The Effects of Mentor Quality, Exposure, and Type
on Junior Officer Retention in the U.S. Army

Analyzing assignment of protégés to mentors in the U.S. Army, Susan Payne Carter, Whitney Dudley, David S. Lyle, and John Z. Smith find positive retention effects for protégés assigned to high-performing immediate and senior supervisors.

25 July 2016

What Do Performance Appraisals Do?

Performance appraisals are informative and drive important components of the employment contract, research by Peter Cappelli and Martin Conyon finds. They show that employee performance-appraisal scores are related to a range of employment outcomes, including merit pay, bonuses, promotions, demotions and dismissals, and employee quits.

22 July 2016

Cultural Assimilation in the Age of Mass Migration

In a study of cultural assimilation between 1850 and 1913, the "Age of Mass Migration" to the United States, Ran Abramitzky, Leah Platt Boustan, and Katherine Eriksson find that immigrants who were more culturally distant from natives were faster to begin choosing less-foreign names for their children. Within households, brothers with more-foreign names completed fewer years of schooling, faced higher unemployment, earned less, and were more likely to marry foreign-born spouses.
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NBER Macroeconomics
Annual 2015

Major trends and cycles in the Chinese economy, the large differences among countries in the effect of rising public debt, and the influence of CFOs' growth expectations on their firms' investments are among topics probed in the 30th volume of the NBER Macroeconomics Annual. Researchers also explore the network structure of the U.S. economy, the usefulness of household belief studies for understanding economic phenomena, and downward trends in unemployment and workforce participation. Edited by Martin Eichenbaum and Jonathan A. Parker. Just published by The University of Chicago Press.

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Tracking the Dust Bowl Migrants of the 1930s

New evidence reported in the July edition of The NBER Digest shows that the depopulation of the environmentally stricken Dust Bowl of the 1930s was more due to dramatically fewer people moving into the region than to an exodus from it. Also featured in this month's Digest are studies of the source of investor pessimism, "pay to delay" settlements in patent litigation, Indian farmers' gains from trade, the effects of illiquidity in the financial crisis, and the regulatory structure that undermines utilities' incentives to plug natural gas leaks.

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New in The NBER Reporter

Costs and Benefits of Abating Pollution
and Promoting Energy Efficiencies

Researchers in the NBER's Environment and Energy Economics program are probing policies and conditions that affect greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, and oil and gas production. An overview of the work by Don Fullerton and Catherine Wolfram is the lead report in The NBER Reporter, 2016:2. Other articles in the quarterly Reporter investigate how economic shocks affect spending, examine firms' response to changes in taxation, explore the purpose of trade agreements, and trace the evolution of gender gaps in developed economies.

Tax Policy and the Economy

The effect of state-level fiscal policies on neighboring states, the welfare consequences of tax-policy changes, and the increase in pass-through businesses are among topics explored by NBER researchers in volume 30 of the Tax Policy and the Economy series. Edited by Jeffrey R. Brown, it is now available from The University of Chicago Press.

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